Arch's Top 4 Oribe Styling Essentials For Gorgeous At-Home Blowouts

Okay, so let's face it. If it were up to us, we would hire a hairstylist to do our hair every morning before we left for work. Unfortunately, that isn't realistic for the everyday working woman. However, with a few style secrets and a powerful, yet simple lineup of our favorite Oribe hair products, even the most style-challenged girl can give herself a beautiful and bouncy at-home blowout! No more bad hair days!

BUT, first is first, beautiful hair can only be achieved by having healthy hair! Sometimes a trim really can do the trick, so if you have dry, brittle, or stringy ends, it might be time to consider booking an appointment for a trim or consultation. For others, it's all a matter protecting your hair from the elements and making it a habit to treat your hair like you would your body or skin.

Like skin, our hair absorbs everything it comes in contact with, so remember this the next time you go to grab that product loaded with harsh and harmful ingredients. Investing your hard-earned money in luxury products may seem a little scary, but the results will speak for themselves and you will wonder how you ever went without.


For Beautiful Hair (that will last for DAYS!)

1. Foundation Mist

This is the perfect pre-style spray for any hair type! Not only are all Oribe products  infused with their signature French fragrance Côte d'Azur, but they are also paraben and sodium chloride free, safe for keratin and color treated hair. Foundation Mist is the perfect primer, leave-in, heat protectant, or refreshing spray. Not only will your hair feel instantly softer, this light weight spray adds long-lasting moisture, strength, and is designed to repair your hair from the inside out. This is a definite must-have and is key to achieve a long-lasting blowout without the thermal damage. Consider this mist a much needed drink of water sure to hydrate even the driest of manes without a drop of reside to be found. Apply to wet or dry hair before styling, or anytime as a style refresher. 

2. Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

This ultra luxurious and lightweight, reparative oil is ideal for those looking for the total package. This liquid gold will add instant shine and silkiness while drastically reducing frizz at the source by penetrating the hair shaft to restore, strengthen, and condition damaged, dry, and color treated hair. Lighter than your traditional oil, Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil instantly absorbs into the hair providing thermal and UV protection, all while cutting down blow-dry time. Instant results, long-term benefits. Apply to wet or dry hair or use as an overnight mask for extra luster.

3. Creme for Style

This powerhouse cream can be used by anyone, with any hair type. Whether you prefer a straight style, lots of body and volume, or even for naturally curly hair, this cream has major strength; yet is soft and flexible to touch. Lighter than a gel and softer than traditional mouses, Creme for Style will lock-in body and volume for days to come. Apply a small amount to wet (or dry hair) and style to desired look.

4. Dry Texturizing Spray

Okay, so where do we start? Dry is the ultimate style must-have (and we mean MUST-HAVE) and it is used by the most elite hairstylists, models, and celebrities around! This volume boosting texture spray cannot be matched in versatility. This invisible, dry spray will add instant lift and volume to even the most limp hair. Body, height, and texture galore, this spray is perfect for literally anyone! Zeolite Crystallines act like tiny sponges to absorb dirt, oil, and odor so it can also be used as a dry shampoo alternative. Not to mention Oribe's signature scent Côte d'Azur will make your hair smell as gorgeous as it looks, even after that daily workout! None of that dreaded, powdery residue most dry shampoos will often leave behind, and most of all your hair is left feeling soft and fresh, and healthier than ever! Shake, spray, and prepare to fall in love with Dry.

Warning: Use of these Oribe products may result in serious hair obsessions, product addictions, and incredibly gorgeous hair. #LivePretty