Winter Survival Guide for Beautiful Skin

Winter is finally here and although it has proven to be mild, our skin is already showing signs of stress, dryness, and wind burn! Winter blues may be inevitable, but dry and itchy skin sure does't have to be!

Here are some of our favorite Arch products that keep our skin hydrated, youthful, and soft, even during these harsh winter months.


1. Cleanser

Good cleansers are imperative for beautiful skin at any time of the year, but for those in harsh winter climates, we recommend to stick with a cream based cleanser to avoid stripping the skins natural oils.


By Terry - Cellularose Nutri-Pure
Comforting Balm Cleanser


We love By Terry, Cellularose Nutri-Pure, Comforting Balm Cleanser for a thorough yet gentle cleanse. With a subtle hint of Rose, this light cream will instantly melt into your skin, breaking down even the toughest waterproof makeup for the ultimate (gentle) cleanse! Soothing properties, added emollients, and hydration in one!

For best results, our Arch Aestheticians recommend to cleanse morning and night. A quick morning cleanse will take away any unwanted dirt or debri that may have been lingering on your pillowcase and will make all of the difference when applying your favorite day cream or moisturizer!


2. Serum

Facial serums are your best friend! Made for anyone, any age! Not quite sure why, what, or when to use a serum? A good serum can make ALL the difference when it comes to the overall look, feel, and health of your skin! These light weight oils absorb deep into the skin within moments, so be sure to stay away from harmful ingredients or chemicals.

Tip: Apply your fav serum just after your cleanse when your skin is slightly damp. The water keeps your pores open, allowing for maximum penetration and moisture retention!


EVE LOM - Intense Hydration Serum

The best of the best, EVE LOM Intense Hydration Serum delivers exactly what it promises - Intense hydration! This luxurious, ultra light weight serum is a cult favorite for a reason. Absorbing into your skin almost instantly, the Intense Hydration Serum will plump your skin giving it immediate moisture, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This serum has been clinically proven to increase moisture in skin by nearly 20% in less than 2 hours! Talk about instant relief from dry, chapped, winter-burned skin!

Why does this work so well? This serum is packed with Hyaluronic Acid (which is also produced naturally in the body) this helps to smooth, plump, hydrate and protect your complexion!


3. Moisturizer

Not getting the hydration you need from your moisturizer? Sometimes it feels that no matter how much moisturizer we use, we are instantly chapped the moment we step outside! Harsh winds, temperatures that dip below 20, and environmental exposure can leave us with painful, tight, and irritated skin.

Natura Bisse - The Cure

When your skin needs a cure, Natura Bisse, The Cure is your go-to when all else fails! With restoration in mind, this cream was specifically designed for those seeking the highest levels of moisture and healing. It can take just a few minutes in the harsh elements to feel the sting of wind burn, but The Cure offers up a strong 24 hours of protection even in the windiest of cities! Once applied, you'll instantly feel this velvety soft cream melt into your skin! Other great benefits include softened wrinkles and expression lines, restored luminosity and increased skin firmness and elasticity! Instant results, long term benefits!

From normal cold-weather exposure to long weekends on the ski slope, you can count on intense moisture and protection all season long with Natura Bisse.


Splurge-Worthy Extras

Chantecaille - Pure Rosewater

When mid-day has hit you and coffee just won't cut it, Chantecaille Rosewater is everything you never knew you needed! This unique and rare rose (Rose de Mai) is harvested and picked by hand in the hills of Provence, France. Distilled by pure artesian well water immediately after being picked at dawn (when the petals are richest and highest in nutrients and fragrance) this Pure Rosewater is the ultimate must-have for those seeking lightweight, luxurious hydration.

From setting your makeup, to a mid-day refresher, this will easily become your biggest asset when it comes to flawless, radiant, and healthy skin no matter what time of the year it is. Not only does Rose de Mai soothe dry and irritated skin, this satin like spray is also antibacterial and loaded with naturally derived Vitamin C, making this ideal for those with sensitive skin!

If you've ever left Arch after a makeup application or brow wax, you likely know that Chantecaille Pure Rosewater is our go-to to set your makeup or to give added moisture and radiance. Prepare to fall in love with luxe spray. (Did we mention it is cruelty free, vegan-friendly, and paraben free?)


Say good-bye to the dreaded winter skin and indulge in some of our Arch favorites!