Anti-Pollution Finishing Essence


A lightweight finishing essence rich in powerful botanicals that create an instant barrier against pollutants. Infused with novel ingredients that moisturize to soothe, protect and rebalance against urban pollution, smog and heavy metals, reducing the appearance of fine lines and dullness for a pinker and more radiant looking complexion. Suggested for use by women and men alike as the last step in the skincare routine.

(1.01 fl oz) 

99% Natural; Vegan-friendly.

Network Of Botanical Sugars:
Provides an instant shield against soot & urban dust *
Instantly smooths skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines*

Desert Cactus Yeast Extract & White Tea Extract:
Possesses powerful antioxidant properties to reduce free radical damage caused by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) *
Moisturizes, providing a smoother appearance*
Visibly enhances skin’s radiance and promotes a rosy complexion.*

Rich in antioxidant components to reduce the visible signs of aging from pollutants* Softens the appearance of fine lines*

Raspberry Stem Cells Extract:
A major antioxidant that soothes dry skin, reducing the appearance of redness
Possesses both immediate and long term effects

Tomato Stem Cell Extract:
Possesses powerful antioxidant properties that promote skin clarity and radiance*

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