Anti-Pollution Mattifying Cream


A lightweight moisturizer that harnesses the power of White Horehound Stem Cell and Lentil extract to visibly refine skin, shrinking the appearance of pores and blackheads induced by urban and screen light pollution. A powerful blend of antioxidants and metal binding complex provides skin with immediate protection against heavy metals and particulate matter while novel botanicals rebalance it from the harmful effects of chemical pollutants for a more radiant, rosy looking complexion. Mattifying to leave skin flawless. Suggested for use by women and men alike.

(1.3 fl oz) 

89% Natural; Vegan-friendly.

Antioxidant And Metal Binding Complex:
Has powerful antioxidant properties to rebalance heavy metal accumulation on skin*
Reduces Particulate Matter (PM) adhesion to skin*

White Horehound Stem Cell Extract: Rich in antioxidants that prevent pollution and blue light-induced free radical damage*
Visibly improves skin’s texture, providing a smoother look*
Reduces the appearance of blackheads *

Lentil Extract:
Minimizes the look of pores*
Refines skin texture, promoting a smooth and clear complexion*

Desert Cactus Yeast Extract & White Tea Extract:
Possess powerful antioxidant properties to reduce free radical damage caused by PAH*
Moisturize, providing a smoother appearance*
Visibly enhance skin’s radiance and promote a rosy complexion*

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