The Concealer Brush

Small tapered pointed tip was created to pick up the perfect amount of The Sensual Skin Enhancer (the size of a grain of rice)
• The Concealer brush is ideal for applying cream concealers and liquid foundations on blemishes or any area that needs precise application.
• Designed with Kevyn's exact specifications and created specifically to be used to apply the perfect amount of The Sensual Skin Enhancer
• A must have for all Skin Enhancer fans 

• Apply concealer just in places where it is needed, like red spots, under-eye circles, varicose veins, moles, rosacea, hormone blotched or uneven pigmentation. Blending well, you can easily create the look of radiantly, beautiful skin.
• Can also be used for cream based or kohl eye pencils for perfectly defined eyes
• Pony and Synthetic Hairs

Collections: Brushes

Type: Concealer Brush

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