Blanc Gardenia Brightening Essence


A potent lightweight concentrate featuring an exceptional brightening blend of ingredients. Exclusive plant stem cells and powerful botanical extracts help minimize the appearance of dark spots to deliver a luminous, bright and enviably even looking skin tone. 

  • White Gardenia Stem Cells Extract promotes brighter and firmer looking skin and is rich in soothing components*
  • Lipoaminoacid and Niacinamide prevent new discoloration from appearing and support an even looking complexion*
  • Garden Cress dissolves the look of dark pigments, lessening the appearance of pre-existing dark spots *
  • Chinese Cabbage Roots and Plantago Stem Cells Extract assist in evenly dispersing the appearance of existing dark clusters and promote firmer and more toned looking skin* 
  • Water Lily Extract soothes to minimize future damage*
  • Green Decaffeinated Coffee accelerates the natural exfoliation process to promote skin clarity*
  • 82.6% natural including a base of pure rosewater

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