C L I E N T  S A F E T Y 

With the recent releases on COVID-19/coronavirus, it is our priority to let clients know we are taking extra precaution and measures in keeping Arch a safe place for clients, shopping and services. With our existing protocols in place, we treat each and every service the same in our safety and sanitation of stores, and hope you’ll continue to trust in our service providers as we get through the impact of the virus. With attention to detail and an elevated level of service, we take pride in our work areas and the environment within Arch to allow safety to our clients and employees. 
Closely monitoring the release of new information and following CDC guidelines, it is our priority to stay on top of attention to detail in our services, as well as our safety practices and protocol. Our industry offers COVID-19 specific disinfectants that we’ve ordered and will continue to use to keep each store location a safe place to be during the situation. Please also know that we are further keeping our product safe with extra cleaning measures, including brushes, cosmetics, makeup displays, testers, as well as implements and tools. Our staff is fully trained with these measures of prevention, and will continue to offer a high level of quality to each service and safety protocol. 
In addition to keeping our stores a safe environment for our clients and staff, we are encouraging anyone who might have cold or flu like symptoms to stay at or work from home. We would like to offer our employees the opportunity to still see clients during this time without being affected, so if you show signs of sickness please do the same in rescheduling your appointment with us. We can assure you that it is our promise to remain open and taking clients for full business hours during this time, and if you have any additional questions or information please know we are here to offer our support. 
Thank you for your continued support of all things Arch, we appreciate your time in reading through our statement and will further promise a high level of excellence when dealing with such issues. 
Please also see the list below of what we’re making mandatory for our staff and the safety of our clients in all four stores!

 P R O T O C O L S  

At Arch, please know we are equipped in making each store location a safe and healthy environment for both our clients and our staff. Below is a list of what we request from you and our team to provide you with your favorite Arch services and products!
Employees will remain at home if they are feeling ill, have a fever or show any signs of a cough/cold or flu. All clients are asked to do the same, and we ask that you follow all guidelines listed while in the store, shopping, or receiving services. 
All staff has been trained thoroughly in all safety and sanitization measures and are required to wear a mask at all times during their shift.
Upon entering, please visit one of our SANITIZATION STATIONS to ensure hands are clean. Please do the same before you exit.
We do ask that anyone who enters wears a mask or face covering, preferably those that tie or fit behind the ears. Your service provider will let you know if it’s ok to remove your mask based on the service you’re receiving.
Please be aware of regular social distancing practice, we’ve provided markings by the checkout desk for your convenience.
Our waiting area is currently closed for clients who aren’t receiving a service, please shop while keeping a 6’ distance whenever possible.
Please arrive on time for your appointment to limit the amount of people in the store. if for any reason you’re early, you’re welcome to look around in our retail space.
We ARE doing CURBSIDE PICKUP during store hours — if you’d like to order something, please call the store location to see if they have the items you’d like in stock and schedule a time for pickup.