Thinking about booking your wedding with Arch? Below is a list of what you’ll need to know! 

At the time of booking, you will be put in touch with our wedding coordinator who will work with you one on one throughout the process of wedding planning as your liaison. They will be your point of contact for contractual questions and completion, booking the trials and day of appointments, deposits to secure your big day, wedding scheduling for the day of, along with final payment & follow up for wedding photo sharing. They will also be there throughout the process for simple questions whether it’s via phone or e-mail! 


Thinking about doing a trial? We know everyone may not want or need one, but if you do choose to book one for hair or makeup here is what you can anticipate… After scheduling your trial, our wedding coordinator will follow up with you early in the week to confirm. We know this exciting time of your life can come with some stressors. We are here to make the getting glam process as stress-free as possible. We encourage you to be as open and honest as possible when in for trials, ensuring a seamless final look for the day of. 
It’s most helpful to come prepared with ideas & pictures of what you are thinking for both hair and makeup. Pictures of hair similar to your color and texture will also help both you and the stylist. Feel free to let us know if there are styles or ideas you are NOT in love with so we can avoid miscommunication.
We want to create the look you have envisioned. The trial you have with us is sneak-peek into your wedding look. In the case we may want to revise some things, remember to keep in mind that on the day of the wedding, you will have a lot more precision with your final style - expect some extra hair spray and pins on the day of! We deliver styles that last through the entire day, from start to finish. Upon completion, we will pay extra attention to longevity if you’re keeping your hair in for a dress fitting or shower, but will absolutely take it down if you’d like the look to be a surprise for everyone.
This is also a great time to bring in any hair pieces or veils if you have them so we can see how they look with the style making it easier on the day of for placement. If you find a hairpiece after your trial, don’t worry - our stylists have a endless experience with hairpieces, headbands, veils and pins. If you have a style that is best executed with a blowout, please let us know in advance if possible for timing out the trial. 
Bridal Makeup Trials are similar in the fact that you’ll need to come prepared with pictures or an idea of what you like and don’t like of either yourself or someone with a similar look & complexion. If you know you’d like lashes or airbrush, our wedding coordinator will be happy to schedule you for more time during the trial for both services. We offer both individual and strip lashes for bridal looks, but are well versed in working with lash extensions if you plan on having them on for the day of. Our makeup artists are there to help you decide what the best options are for you, your skin type and vision! 
After your trial, you are certainly welcome to follow up with our wedding coordinator if you have any notes you’d like to pass along to the stylist and or makeup artist for the day of! Trials are also a great time to make note of little things for the stylist and makeup artist to know about you (skin type, waterproof mascara, etc.)! Your bridal team will then write down all products and techniques used in the trial, confirming perfection for the day of while also taking multiple pictures for reference! *Please note that all 2017 trials will be booked Monday - Thursday during the week.


It’s finally that time, and we couldn’t be more excited to spend your big day with you!
Schedules and confirmation e-mails will be sent out to both you, your wedding coordinator & everyone on the Arch team for your party with arrival times for setup and a full breakdown of who is with who and when. Our team will be fully equipped with stocked bridal, product & pin kits. If you know that you’d like to purchase any lipstick or products on the day of, please give our wedding coordinator a heads up so that we know to bring what you’ll need. As we finish up, you can count on someone to offer touch ups and final sprays for hair & final touch ups and lip applications for makeup. Among completion of the party, our bridal styist will help coach an attendant, made of honor or someone in charge of how to take out the veil or headpiece for the reception, and equip them with backup bobby pins for the party if necessary! 


For an updo, should I come with my hair clean or dirty?
We ask that you please come with clean, dry hair. Our stylists will use the necessary products to add grit & texture for your desired look. 
What if i book a blowout for the day of? Should I come with my hair wet or will the stylist wet it down for me?
For on location weddings, please show up with your hair freshly washed, our stylists won’t have the equipment to do a shampoo. For blowouts, we only allow the necessary amount of time for the stylist to complete a blown-out look with volume and a bit of soft bend on the ends. If you’d like additional curls or styling, you might be better off booking for a down style or event style! 
How far in advance should I schedule my trial before the wedding date?
We suggest that you schedule your trial at least a month but no more that 3 months in advance so our stylists and makeup artists have an idea of what your hair and skin tone will be like closest to the wedding day. This also leaves room for booking additional trials (if needed) prior to the wedding.
Is airbrush included in the price of a full makeup application? What if I like the idea of airbrush but don’t know if it’s right for me?
Airbrush and lashes are up-charges to the makeup application for the trial and day of. During the trial, our makeup experts will help you decide whether or not to go with airbrush. We have a lot of other great foundation options for different looks, skin types & longevity!
At what point will I need to know a list of services for my bridesmaids & family members?
We appreciate a tentative number at the time of booking, and a solidified list two and a half months prior to booking so our wedding coordinator can get your day of schedule ready, leaving time for changes if required.
Will my trial be with the same stylist and makeup artist for the trial and the day of?
Absolutely! We have a very talented team of both hair stylists and makeup artists who will work with you both in the trial and on the day of. In the rare case of emergency where your stylist isn’t available, we will always offer a complimentary trial with a new stylist or makeup artist before your wedding day.
Is gratuity included?
Gratuity will be included in the final invoice for all services and trials leading up to final payment, as well as bridal and party services for the day of.
How long will the trials take?
We allot an hour and a half for both hair and makeup separately depending on the stylists and their efficiency. This allows enough time to consult and complete ONE look based on the consultation and desired outcome. 
May I bring in food or drink the day of?
Of course, you’re welcome to bring in whatever you’d like! All of our stores were designed to accomodate lots of events and large parties, making it a great place for you and your party to get ready!