Diamond Well-Living Body Cream

Natura Bisse

A Cascade of Radiant Hydration

What is an oasis in the desert? A lush respite from the dry heat. An exquisite refuge from the elements. Drinking from a spring that brings your body and spirit back to life, quenching dehydration. A moment of euphoria!

Diamond Well-Living The Body Cream features nature’s finest ingredients with scents of citrus and ginger to brighten your day.

Sometimes your skin is thirsty for moisture, and you for extraordinary experiences.

Hydrate with Enthusiasm

  • Reveals nourished, supple, and silky skin.
  • Provides an infusion of comfort and softness to the driest of skins.
  • Delivers antioxidants to boost skin health.
  • Revitalizes the senses with its vibrant aroma.

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