Flower Harmonizing Cream


A unique and rich assortment of essential oils, botanicals, seaweed, and vitamins nourishes and soothes skin promoting a more youthful looking complexion. This wonderfully complete moisturizing cream helps prevent loss of moisture, cocooning skin against everyday stress. Crafted in Switzerland with the highest quality pure botanicals.

(1.7 fl oz) 

94% Natural including a rosewater base

Saccharide Isomerate acts like a water magnet helping minimize dryness*

Energizing Microalga re-energizes and softens the look of rough and uneven skin tone for a more luminous and youthful glow *

Black Currant is rich in anti-oxidant components

Edelweiss Extract, a wild mountain blossom, is a powerful antioxidant and is allotted soothing properties*

Beech Shoot Extract helps moisturize skin promoting a more elastic and youthful appearance*

* Tests performed on ingredient

Borage oil is rich in essential fatty acids, including an exceptionally high content of gamma-linolenic acid

Jasmine/Narcissus/Mimosa Flower Waxes are emollient and softening to skin

Macadamia/Hazelnut Oil has softening and moisturizing virtues for a more supple looking complexion

Sodium Hyaloronate has moisturizing and film-forming properties

Pro Vitamin B5 is soothing and moisturizing


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