The Cure Sheer Oil-Free Fluid SPF 20

In one single step, give skin a radiant, even complexion that beautifies and keeps it completely hydrated and protected throughout the day. This fluid is ideal for every type of skin, especially combination or oily skin, because of its ability to control excess oil and shine.

The light texture melts into your skin, providing effective anti-aging and detoxifying action that purifies skin and minimizes expression lines and wrinkles. A unique natural tone diminishes skin imperfections and adapts to any type of skin, achieving a more luminous and healthy appearance. Contains SPF-20 sunscreen.


  • The natural pigments adapt to every skin tone, making this fluid and its ability to diminish imperfections a perfect substitute for makeup.
  • Although it is a day fluid, its amazing illuminating power makes it the perfect nighttime ally for skin in search of an even tone that loves a sheer base.
  • The Color Adapt technology acts like tiny micro-reflectors for light, diminishing shadows by giving those areas more luminosity.
  • If your skin will be exposed to the sun, the SPF 20 will protect you from the damaging effects of its rays.

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